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An all natural, market garden in Greater Boston

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Help Us Find A Long Term Home For Our Farm

We are seeking:
• 10 or more acres of relatively level, tillable land, rated “farmland of statewide importance” or “prime
farmland”, situated within 2 hours of Boston
• Existing infrastructure including barns or outbuildings, water, electricity, and access roads or
driveways, or permission to construct these features. An existing greenhouse is desirable
• Housing either on site or within 5 miles
• On site marketing options such as a roadside stand
• Existing plantings such as small fruits, orchards, perennials are ideal
• Possibility of raising animals on site
• Possibility of outright purchase or a 10+ year lease
Please contact us with any questions:
The Neighborhood Farm P.O. Box 920174 Needham, MA 02492

Host our infrastructure

Farms need more than just space to grow crops.  They also need root cellars, heated garage spaces, space for a greenhouse, packing and washing sheds and storage areas.  If you have space or an empty outbuilding, let us know and we'll give you more information about what we are looking for.

Donate old gardening equipment

Want to clean out your garage?  Have an old wheelbarrow sitting around?  How about hoses, plastic bins, deer fencing, metal fence posts, folding tables, shovels, hoes, or other gardening equipment? If you don't want it, we might be able to put it to good use.

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