The Neighborhood Farm, LLC

An all natural, market garden at historic Mainstone Farm

Corner of Old Connecticut Path and Forest Hill Rd, Wayland, MA

How To Buy Our Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers And Plants

Farm Stand on Mainstone Farm in Wayland - located at the corner of Old Connecticut Path and Forest Hill Road in Wayland.
Winter hours for 2018:
Beginning Wednesday January 17th, we plan to be open (weather permitting) on Wednesdays 11-3 and Sundays 11-3. In the spring we will expand our days and hours.

Our Outdoor Spring, Summer and Fall Markets:

We plan to attend the following markets in 2018.   Come and see us!

The Roslindale Farmers' Market on Saturdays from 9-1:30, in Adams Park (the grassy common),  June through Thanksgiving.

The Needham Farmers' Market  on Sundays from 12-4 pm at the Needham Town Common, Memorial Day Weekend through Thanksgiving.

The Egleston Square JP Farmers' Market on Satudays from 10-2 at 29 Germania St in the Sam Adams Brewery Complex, May through Thanksgiving. 

Our Indoor Winter Farmers' Market:

Roslindale Winter Farmers Market, Saturdays 10-2 from January through the end of March at the Sons of Italy Hall on Birch St in Roslindale Center, across from Sullivan's Pharmacy.

Please note, the Egleston Square Market is on hiatus until Spring 2018.

To find out what we are bringing to each market, you can check our Facebook Page, or look at the box at the bottom of our homepage.

Occasionally, we also sell directly via email and or at special functions. We'll announce these special sales via our email newsletter.  Please subscribe to receive to our newsletter. 

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Here is a list of seedlings that we will have available this year.  Looking for something special?  Let us know!

This year hope to offer a chance to reserve seedlings in advance.  Meanwhile, for inspiration, you can find 2016's Seedling Pre Order Form here:
We anticipate having a similar availability this year.  If you are looking for something specific that you don't see listed, please feel free to email us!

Plants available early, mid and late spring – usually OK to plant outside early to mid April onward
Lettuce – mix
Lettuce – red leaf
Lettuce – green leaf
Lettuce – romaine
Kale – green curly
Kale – Italian aka dinosaur aka Toscano
Kale – garden mix
Chard – bright lights mix
Green mustard
Red Frills Mustard
Mixed spicy greens
Choi – green
Cabbage – red
Cabbage – green
Napa cabbage
Turnips – Hakurei white salad
Beets – Detroit dark red
Beets – Chioggia striped
Yellow storage onions
Red storage onions
Sweet yellow Ailsa Craig onions
Super sugar snap peas (6' tall)
Sugar Ann sugar snap peas (3-4' tall)

Plants available mid and late spring – usually OK to plant outside mid May in a warm protected location, after Memorial Day in cooler spots
Hot peppers:
Jalapeno – early jalapeno
Jalapeno – jalafuego
Fish Serrano
Hidalgo Serrano
Anaheim chile
Hot paper lantern habanero
Thai hot

Fairy Tale – small, striped white and lavender
Classic Italian
Barbarella – round, dark purple
Dancer – elongated lavender
Rosa Bianca – round lavender and white
Orient Express – long, thin, dark purple
Orient Charm – long, thin, pink
Kermit – small, round green Thai

Heirloom tomatoes, and a few hybrids with similar characteristics:
German Johnson big, pink
Ananas Noire big, green and red
Aunt Ruby's German Green big, green and red
Black Krim big, chocolate
Black Sea Man big, chocolate
Brandywine big, pink
Cherokee Purple big, purple
Dr Wyche's Yellow big, yellow
Green Zebra medium, green striped
Kellogg's Breakfast big, orange
Black prince big, chocolate
Paul Robeson big, chocolate
Pineapple big, yellow and red
Great White big, pale yellow
Pruden's Purple big, pink
Rose de Berne medium, pink
Tiffen Mennonite big, pink
Valencia medium, orange
Japanese Black Trifele pear shaped, chocolate
Hillbilly big, yellow and red
Striped German big, yellow and red
Tigerella medium, red striped
Amish gold slicer big, orange
Yellow Brandywine big, yellow
Rosso Sicillian ribbed, red
Mark Twain big, red
Rutgers medium, red
Cosmonaut Volkov big, red
Moskovich big, red
Pink Berkley Tie Die (a hybrid) big, pink striped

Sauce tomatoes (have an elongated shape):
Giant Oxheart big, red bullshorn
San Marzano medium, red
Opalka paste medium, red bullshorn
Orange banana paste medium, orange
Speckled Roman medium, red and yellow striped
Grandma Mary's big, red
Vilm's Paste big, red

Classic red tomatoes:
Celebrity medium, red
Valley girl medium, red
Jet star big, red
New girl medium, red
Big Beef big, red

Cherry tomatoes:
Juliet big, long red
Black cherry chocolate
Chocolate Cherry chocolate
Honey Drop golden
Peacevine red cherry red
Sungold orange
Yellow mini yellow
Green Drs Frosted green
Red Pear red
Yellow Pear yellow
Supersweet 100 red
Tiny Tim – tiny, dwarf plant red

Small tomato plants, good for containers:
Emerald giant – dwarf plant big fruit, green
Giant Burpee – dwarf plant big fruit, pink
Rosella Purple – dwarf plant medium fruit, purple
Extreme Bush – dwarf plant small fruit, red
Mr. Snow – dwarf plant big fruit, pale yellow
Adelaide Festival – dwarf plant medium fruit, pink stripes
Tasmanian Chocolate – dwarf plant medium fruit, pink
Chocolate Lightning – dwarf plant medium fruit, chocolate stripes
Arctic Rose – dwarf plant medium fruit, pink
Blazing Beauty – dwarf plant large fruit, yellow
Sleeping Lady – dwarf plant medium fruit, chocolate
Russian Swirl – dwarf plant medium fruit, yellow and red

Sweet peppers:
Orange lunchbox – mini orange bell
Red lunchbox – mini red bell
Yellow lunchbox – mini yellow bell
Ace – red bell
Gourmet – orange bell
Flavorburst – yellow bell
Bianca – white bell, ripens red
New Ace – red bell
Purple Beauty – purple bell, ripens red
King of the North – early, red bell
Bangles mix – mini bell could be orange, chocolate or red, but each plant will only have one color

Diva cucumbers – non bitter, smooth skin, fussy
Olympia – vigorous, classic cucumber
Lemon – small, round, citrusy yellow
Northern pickling – small, green pickling

Summer squash and zucchini:
Classic zucchini
Yellow crookneck
8 Ball – round green
Sunburst pattypan

Winter squash:
Sunshine kabocha squash
Acorn squash
Delicata squash
Cinnamon girl pumpkins (for eating)
Bonbon buttercup
Jack be little – mini pumpkins
Wee be little – mini pumpkins
Turban decorative gourds

Herbs and flowers
Alaska Mix nasturtiums – pale yellow and orange
Jewel Mix nasturtiums- deep red, orange and yellow
Sweet Basil
Thai Basil
Purple Basil
Lemon Basil
Holy basil
Italian flat leaf parsley
Curly leaf parsley
Chocolate Mint
German winter thyme
Summer thyme
Lemon balm
Princess mix calendula – yellow and pale oranges
Flashback mix calendula – rich yellow, orange, browns
Bachelors buttons mix – blue, white pink
Lemon Gem marigolds – small yellow flowers
Red Gem marigolds – small red flowers
Orange Gem marigolds – small orange flowers
Picotee cosmos – pink and purple petal edges, pale middles
Rubenza cosmos – red petals, yellow centers
Sensation mix cosmos – purples, pinks, whites
Bulb fennel

Little Baby Flower watermelon
Sangria watermelon
Sugar Baby watermelon
Halona muskmelon
Hannah's Choice muskmelon

Brussels Sprouts


Our Roslindale farmers' market stand

Our farm stand at the Roslindale Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings