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An all natural, market garden at historic Mainstone Farm

Corner of Old Connecticut Path and Forest Hill Rd, Wayland, MA

How To Buy Our Vegetables, Herbs, Cut Flowers And Plants

Please see the information about our Farm Stand and our regular Farmers Markets in the block to the right.  We offer produce, cut flowers and seedlings at all of these locations, in season, as available.  In addition we bring our huge array of seedlings to a series of special events each spring.

 In 2020 you can find our seedlings at:

The Farm Stand (with greatly expanded hours in the spring)

The Egleston, Roslindale and Needham Farmers Markets - see sidebar for details

The SOWA Open Market at 500 Harrison Ave in the South End on Sundays in May

Framingham Earth Day on the Framingham Town Common

Natick Earth Day on the Natick Town Common

Wake Up The Earth in the Southwest Corridor Park in JP


Our 2020 List Of Seedlings:

Our seedlings are grown in Vermont Compost Potting Soil - a certified organic potting soil we strongly recommend.  We fertilize with Neptune's Harvest Fish and Kelp Emulsion liquid organic fertilizer - also highly recommended.  We use certfied organic seeds when possible and we never use GMO seeds.  Our seedlings, like our produce, are "All Natural", and we encourage you to continue growing them naturally in your own gardens and containers.  We're happy to give growing tips!

This is a fairly comprehensive list of the seedlings we will have available.  We are not taking official preorders this year, but you are welcome to email us with a wish list and an approximate date you'd like to pick up your plants and we will do our best to have them ready for you!

If you are looking for something specific that you don't see listed, please feel free to email us!

Early Spring, Cool Season Seedlings. Many Can Also Be Grown Through The Summer And Fall
Lettuce Choose from a mix, red leaf, green leaf or romaine.
Kale Choose from our Garden Mix, Curly Green Leaf or Dark Green Smooth Dinosaur Kale (aka Toscano Kale aka Lacinato Kale aka Dragon Kale)
Collard Greens Large, round leaves
Chard Bright Lights Mix
Southern Giant Green Mustard Bright green, slightly frilly leaves
Red Frills Spicy Mustard Purple red, frilly leaves, aka wasabi greens
Mizuna Mild Mustard Mild, savory green
Mixed Greens Could include Mustard Greens, Frills, Arugula, Choi, Kale, Mizuna and more
Arugula Classic arugula
Spinach Classic spinach
Kohlrabi Purple bulb with green leaves
Bok Choi Dark green leaves with white stems
Cabbage Choose from Green, Purple/Red, or Napa
Turnips Hakurei White Salad
Beets Choose from Classic Dark Red or Chioggia red and white striped
Onions Choose from Yellow Storage, Red Storage, Sweet Yellow Ailsa Craig, Sweet Yellow Cippolini
Leeks Harvest summer to fall
Broccoli Heat tolerant broccoli
Cauliflower Classic white cauliflower
Sugar Snap Peas Choose from Sugar Ann dwarf sugar snaps (3-4 feet) or Super Sugar Snap (6+ feet)
Shelling Peas Classic shelling peas, 5 to 6 foot vines
Cilantro Plant repeatedly, all cilantro goes to seed within 4 to 8 weeks. If you let it go to seed (coriander) and water the seeds in, you'll have new plants germinating soon
Scallions Hardy white scallions, often called green onions
Radicchio Indigo Radicchio has tight purple heads with white veins
Escarole Natacha Escarole has tender leaves with a mild slightly bitter flavor
Celery Tango, an adaptable celery variety, does well under a range of growing conditions
Celeriac AKA celery root, plant in mid spring, harvest in mid to late fall

Late Spring, Warm Season Seedlings
Hot Peppers
Early Jalapeno An early season, medium sized jalapeno pepper, great for ripening to red for hot sauce
Jedi Jalapeno A mid season, larger sized jalapeno pepper
Baron Poblano A large, dark green poblano
Fish Serrano An heirloom serrano pepper, with beautiful striping
Cayenne Long, hot pepper, ripen red
Anaheim Chili Large, elongated chile peppers ultimately ripen red, great for roasting
Scotch Bonnet Very hot pepper in the habanero family, ripen orange
Thai Hot Tiny red hot peppers, great bite
Ghost The 3rd hottest pepper in the world, aka Bhut Jolokia
Carolina Reaper Currently ranked as the hottest pepper in the wold
Red Habanero Very spicy red habaneros

Fairy Tale Small 3 to 4” lavender and white striped non bitter eggplant
Galine Italian Classic Italian bell shaped eggplant
Dancer Long lavender eggplant
Orient Express Dark purple, long and narrow Asian eggplant
Patio Baby The best container variety, mini purple Italian eggplant shaped fruit, spineless

Bell/Sweet Peppers
Lunchbox Orange Mini orange bell peppers – the Sungolds of the pepper family
Ace Classic bell pepper, starts green, ripens red, heavy producer
King Of The North Classic bell pepper, starts green, ripens red, reliably ripens in New England
Gourmet Bell pepper, starts green, ripens orange
Flavorburst Bell pepper, starts lime green, ripens yellow
Bianca Bell pepper, starts white, ripens red
Purple Beauty Bell pepper, starts purple, ripens red
Spanish Mammoth Heirloom variety, long, cone-shaped peppers, perfect for frying and salads, sweet and flavorful, start green, ripen red
Yellow Monster Gigantic, elongated yellow bell peppers (start green) can grow 8 inches long by 4 inches wide, sweet and meaty
Shishito 1x3½" fruits borne early on compact well-branched plants. Typically harvested green to be roasted, fried or grilled whole, they will eventually sweeten and ripen to red

Late Spring, Warm Season Seedlings
Heirloom Slicing Tomatoes
Cosmonaut Volkov Classic red beefsteak, mid season
Moskvich Early season red beefsteak
Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Mid season striped pink/purple/green beefsteak
Carbon Big dark purple/chocolate
Black Prince Dark purple early/mid season
Black Krim Dark purple with green shoulders
German Johnson Big pink beefsteak, early
Ananas Noire Green with mottled pink and red, late, beefsteak
Aunt Ruby's German Green Green beefsteak, bottom blushes pink when ripe, late season
Black Sea Man Early season chocolate purple
Brandywine Big pink, mid season beefsteak. The most famous heirloom
Cherokee Purple Early season chocolate purple
Dr. Wyche's Yellow Mid season yellow beefsteak
Green Zebra Smaller yellow and green striped tomatoes mid season
Lillian's Yellow Late season pale yellow beefsteak
Kellogg's Breakfast Mid season orange beefsteak, no relation to the cereal company
Great White Mid season pale yellow beefsteak
Paul Robeson Mid to late season chocolate/red. Has a cult like following
Pineapple Large mid to late season yellow/orange/red beefsteak.
Pruden's Purple Large pink beefsteak, early/mid season
Rose de Berne Medium sized perfect pink
Tiffen Mennonite Large mid season pink beefsteak
Valencia Medium sized orange
Japanese Black Trifele Pear shaped black/purple with green shoulders, mid season
Hillbilly Mid season yellow beefsteak with red and orange stripes
Striped German Mid season yellow beefsteak with red and orange stripes
Tigerella Smaller striped yellow and red
Yellow Brandywine Large yellow beefsteak, mid/late season
Rutgers Famous red slicer, good for everything
Mark Twain Red beefsteak, mid season
Jaune De Flame Small, salad sized sweet orange tomatoes

Hybrid Slicing Tomatoes
Big Beef Red beefsteak, mid season
New Girl Medium sized red, early, similar to Early Girl but with better disease resistance
Jet Star Big red, mid season
Valley Girl Medium sized red, sets fruit well in warm and cool summers
Celebrity Classic red mid season

Container Friendly Tomatoes
Rosella Purple 3-4 foot plant, grows well in containers, medium sized dark purple fruit
Extreme Bush 2-3 foot plant, grows well in containers, 2 bite sized red tomatoes, early
New Big Dwarf 3-4 foot plant, grows well in containers, medium sized red/pink fruit
Tasmanian Chocolate 3-4 foot plant, grows well in containers, medium sized chocolate brown fruit
Tiny Tim 1-2 foot plant, grows well in containers, red cherry tomato sized fruit, earliest of all tomatoes
Dwarf Arctic Rose 3-4 foot plant, grows well in containers, medium sized pink fruit
Russian Swirl, 3-4 foot plant, grows well in containers, medium sized yellow and red streaked fruit
Sleeping Lady 3-4 foot plant, grows well in containers, medium sized chocolate/red fruit
Adelaide Festival 3-4 foot plant, grows well in containers, medium sized pink fruit
Blazing Beauty 3-4 foot plant, grows well in containers, medium sized orange/yellow fruit
Chocolate Lightning 3-4 foot plant, grows well in containers, medium sized chocolate brown fruit with pink streaks

Sauce Tomatoes
Vilm's Paste Red plum shaped paste tomato, great flavor, disease resistant
Striped Roman Red and yellow striped paste tomato, good for cooking or fresh eating, also called Speckled Roman
Orange Banana Sweet, orange paste tomatoes, make an amazing sauce
Opalka Paste Large, red bullhorn shaped paste tomatoes, meaty
San Marzano Classic medium sized red sauce tomatoes
Fish Lake Oxheart Large, meaty red paste tomato
Grandma Mary's Medium sized red plums, set fruit early

Cherry and Saladette Tomatoes
Sungold The sweetest of all the cherry tomatoes, orange bite sized
Juliet Mini red plums good for eating or cooking, good disease resistance
Red Pearl Grape Red grape tomatoes, good disease resistance
Nova Orange Grape Orange grape tomatoes, prolific, sweet and meaty
Mountain Magic 2oz red tomatoes, aka Saladette sized, good disease resistance
Jaune de Flamme 2oz orange tomatoes, aka Saladette sized, sweet, heavy producer, heirloom
Black Cherry Big dark purple/chocolate cherry tomatoes, heirloom
Chocolate Cherry Chocolate/red cherry tomatoes, heirloom
Honey Drop Sweet, golden orange cherry tomatoes
Peacevine Open pollinated red cherry tomatoes, heavy producer
Supersweet 100 Heavy producers of red cherry tomatoes
Pink Tiger Long, plum shaped red/pink/yellow striped cherry tomatoes
Sunrise Bumblebee Big yellow and pink striped cherry tomatoes
Pink Bumblebee Big, pink striped cherry tomatoes
Purple Bumblebee Big, pink and purple striped cherry tomatoes
Blush Tiger Long, plum shaped yellow and red striped cherry tomatoes
Esterina Heavy producer of golden yellow cherry tomatoes
Red Pear Classic red pear shaped cherries, heirloom
Yellow Pear Classic yellow pear shaped cherries, heirloom
Black Vernissage 2 oz salad tomatoes, striped in chocolate in purple

Late Spring, Warm Season Seedlings
Winter Squash and Pumpkins
Butternut Classic tan butternut, variety developed in Waltham
Acorn Green acorn squash, good disease resistance
New England Pie Orange pumpkins, make wonderful pie and baked goods
Delicata Striped orange and yellow zeppelin shaped squash, aka sweet potato squash
Sunshine Kabocha Bright orange skin and flesh
BonBon Buttercup Dark green skin with deep orange flesh
Spaghetti Medium sized yellow spaghetti squash
Winter Sweet Kabocha Pale green skin, dark orange flesh, good storage squash
Jack O Lanterns Big orange pumpkins for carving
Wee Be Little Pumpkins Tiny orange pumpkins, slightly flattened
Polar Bear Pumpkins Giant white pumpkins for carving or decorating
Gourd Mix Mix of gourds

Marketmore Slicing Classic green slicing cucumber
Little Leaf Pickling Small pickling cucumbers, heavy producers
Lemon Small round yellow cucumbers, slight citrus flavor, late
Mexican Sour Gherkins AKA Cucamelons AKA Mouse Melons, tiny watermelon shaped cucumbers

Summer Squash and Zucchini
Classic zucchini Straight, green zucchini
8 Ball Round Zucchini Round zucchini good for stuffing
Costata Romanesco Zucchini Lower yielding, but wonderful flavor, dark and light green stripes along the sides
Gentry Yellow Crookneck Classic yellow crookneck, not warty, good flavor, thin skin
Sunburst Pattypan Yellow and green, star shaped patty pan, sweet, great flavor

Sugar Baby Watermelon Small round sweet watermelons, pink flesh, has seeds
Sangria Watermelon Classic large sweet watermelons, pink flesh, has seeds
Moon and Stars Watermelon Medium sized, great tasting watermelon with deep green skin speckled with golden yellow stars, has seeds
Tigger Melon Very small, fragrant, yellow watermelons with brilliant red, zigzag stripes, flesh is white, has seeds
Halona Cantaloupe Classic cantaloupe, great flavor, early

Late Spring, Warm Season Seedlings
Other Summer Crops
Tomatillos Classic green tomatillos, get 2 or more plants for pollination, unless your neighbors have them too
Aunt Molly's Ground Cherries Tiny yellow/orange ground cherries
Cajun Jewel Okra 5-7” green okra pods, variety does well in New England, beautiful flowers
Sweet potatoes Classic orange flesh, orange skin sweet potatoes. We buy in slips, root them and grow them on in pots.
Celeriac AKA celery root, plant in mid spring, harvest in mid to late fall
Brussels Sprouts Plant in late spring, harvest in mid to late fall
Provider Bush Beans Heavy producer of green beans. Plant multiple rounds to ensure a supply all season. Grow well from seed too.
Fennel Big rounded bulbs with anise flavor
Callaloo Red and green leafy plant grows well in summer when other leafy greens slow down, AKA red vegetable amaranth
Robust Golden Popcorn Classic golden popcorn. We suggest at least 18 plants and still recommend hand pollinating. Corn prefers to be grown in a 10 foot by 10 foot block for best pollination. Harvest in fall, dry until the New Year before popping

Sweet basil Classic sweet basil, annual
Purple Sweet basil Purple leaves, tastes like classic basil, annual
Lemon basil Lemon scent and flavor, small leaves, annual
Thai basil Classic Thai basil, purple and green, annual
Cinnamon Basil Spicy flavor. Mexican variety with a distinct cinnamon-like taste.
Everleaf container basil Disease resistant basil particularly well suited to growing in containers, annual
Anise Hyssop Great bedding plant and edible flowers and leaves, aromatic, sweet licorice mint flavor
Borage Edible purplish flowers with mild cucumber flavors, annual
Purple Shiso Purplish-red anise-scented sharp-flavored leaves are used in sushi, sauces, garnishes, pickles and stir-fries.
Cilantro Plant repeatedly, all cilantro goes to seed within 4 to 8 weeks. If you let it go to seed (coriander) and water the seeds in, you'll have new plants germinating soon
Dill Prolific green leaves, yellow flowers, annual
Sage Classic broadleaf sage, perennial
St. John's Wort Drought tolerant, yellow flowered perennial
Caraway Biennial, usually grown for seeds
German Winter Thyme Perennial, short lavender flowers, grows as a mat and spreads
Summer Thyme Perennial in zone 6 or warmers, spicier, more pungent flavor than German Thyme
Lemon Grass East Indian lemon grass
Lemon Balm Strongly lemon flavored perennial, grows like mint, perennial
Rosemary Classic rosemary, not hardy, grow as an annual or bring indoors, or ARP Rosemary, hypothetically hardy to 15 degrees F
Sweet Marjoram Sweet marjoram, annual
Zataar Marjoram Zesty flavor reminiscent of sweet marjoram, thyme and oregano
Red Veined Sorrel Perennial leafy crop with dark red veins. Beautiful plant, intense lemony flavor
Lavender Classic lavender, prefers well drained soil
Chives Perennial
Garlic chives Perennial, delicate garlic flavor
Catnip Perennial
Greek Oregano Perennial
Zataar Oregano An oregano that carries a bit of zing, and is a necessary ingredient in the condiment za'atar. Mix with sumac, toasted sesame seeds, salt and sometimes a few other herbs to make the sprightly topping so essential to Middle Eastern cuisine
Curly Leaf Parsley Annual
Flat Leaf Italian Parsley Annual
Mint Classic spearmint, perennial
Chocolate Mint Chocolate and mint flavor, perennial
Orange Mint Mint and orange flavor, perennial
Pineapple Mint Mint and pineapple flavor, with fuzzy white and green leaves perennial
Saltwort Traditional Japanese culinary herbs, long succulent leaves
Stevia Incredibly sweet leaves, often used as an alternative to sugar
Spilanthes Bright, solid-yellow flower heads the shape of gum drops. Commonly known as toothache plant due to a natural analgesic.
Chammomile Small, sweet smelling daisy like flowers, often made into tea
Pipita/Papalo Aromatic Mexican native for tacos, salsa, and sauces. Large, bluish green leaves with a flavor reminiscent of cilantro and arugula
Winter Savory Perennial cousin of summer savory, flavor is more pungent
Summer Savory Peppery flavor adds spice to dishes

Empress Of India Nasturtium Dark red/orange flowers
Jewel Mix Nasturtium Mix of orange, white, yellow, red flowers
Lemon Star Marigold Small, lemon yellow flowers
Red Star Marigold Small, red flowers
Zinnia Mix Mix of colors, Bennary's Giant Mix
Sensation Cosmos Dark pink, light pink, white flowers, 4 to 5 foot plants
Sea Shells Cosmos Range of pink and white flowers with tubular petals, 4 foot plants
Versailles Mix Cosmos Classic cosmos mix, pinks and whites, 4 foot plants
Xanthos Cosmos Pale yellow flowers on dwarf 24” plants
Big Smile Dwarf Sunflower Grows to 12” in pots, 24” in the garden, classic yellow sunflower look, branching
Firecracker Sunflower Branching, golden yellow and red/brown sunflowers, grows 3-4 feet
Autumn Beauty Sunflower Branching gold/red/brown sunflowers, grow up to 6 feet
Soraya Sunflower Branching gold sunflowers with dark centers, grow up to 6 feet
Bachelor's Button Mix Mix of colors, ranging from white to pink to blue/lavender
Princess Mix Calendula Bright orange and yellow flowers
Flashback Mix Calendula Orange/yellow/brown streaked flowers, vibrant mix
Bee Balm Panorama Mix, semi double blooms in pinks and lavenders, attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, perennial
Cherry Caramel Phlox Branched stems with creamy white flowers with pink centers, annual
Serenade China Aster Spray style asters in reds, pinks, lavenders and whites
Asclepias Showy orange flowers attract butterflies and bees
Cramer's Amazon Celosia Crested type celosia (brain flowers) in burgundy, lemon/lime, and rose
Pampas Plume Celosia Soft, feathery plume celosia in rose, burgundy, lemon/lime
Dianthus – large flowered A mix of colors from the Chaubaud series. Sweetly scented and lovely.
Queen Mix Cleome “Spider flower” mix in white, rose and violet, 5 to 6 inch blooms
Yellow Spear Foxglove  3 to 4 foot spires densely arranged with light chartreuse to primrose yellow bells with subtle inner freckles, biennial, poisonous if eaten
Excelsior Foxglove Spikes of speckled, shapely blooms flower in shades of pink, rose, purple, cream, primrose and white, biennial, poisonous if eaten
Delphinium Belladonna mix – a range of dark blues, pale blues and whites, perennial, poisonous if eaten
Pyramidalis Mix Campanula Giant, slender spikes of blooms reach skywards, in shades of blue and white, perennial

Farm Stand

Open year round, with reduced hours in winter.
Located at Mainstone Farm in Wayland, on the corner of Old Connecticut Path and Forest Hill Road.

Spring, Summer, Fall and December hours: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 11 to 6, Saturdays and Sundays 11 to 4.

Winter Hours (January, February, March):
Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 12-4


  Outdoor Spring, Summer, and Fall Farmers Markets:

Needham Farmers Market, Sundays 12-4 at the Town Common from Memorial Day Weekend through Thanksgiving

 Egleston Square Farmers Market, Saturdays at 29 Germania St, JP from early May through Thanksgiving

 Roslindale Market, Saturdays in Adams Park from June  through Thanksgiving

  Indoor Winter Farmers Markets:

Roslindale, Saturdays 10 to 2 January 4 to March 28, 2020

Customized Winter Vegetable Boxes:

A pick up of wonderful fresh and storage vegetables twice a month through the winter.  Email us for details.   Availability:


To find out what we are bringing to each market, you can check our Facebook Page, or look at the box at the bottom of our homepage.

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